Telework and Accessibility

Featured Resources Staff Training Resources TalentWorks—​Accessible eRecruiting for Employers TechCheck — Benchmarking for your Workplace Buy IT!—Your Guide for Purchasing Accessible Technology Policy Matters—Information and Communication Technology Laws & Regulations Telework and Accessibility Many employers and employees have shifted to telework. PEAT is [...]

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Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility Accessibility means that everyone can use the exact same technology as anyone else—regardless of whether they can manipulate a mouse, how much vision they have, how many colors they can see, how much they can [...]

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Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Autonomous vehicles (AV), also referred to as driverless or self-driving vehicles, have the potential to revolutionize transportation and make sweeping changes to the way people interact with the world around them. AV technology can alter the where, when, and how of [...]

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Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality (XR)  Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term to describe virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies. XR is changing the way we interact with the world around us and will, undoubtedly, shape the future of work. In fact, companies are already using [...]

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automated technologies is changing workplaces. Although data analytics and automation are not new, AI technology has advanced rapidly in recent years alongside innovations in algorithms, data volume, and computing power. AI-powered platforms are now used [...]

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