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TalentWorks Resource Library

Welcome to the TalentWorks Resource Library. Below is a collection of all featured resources from each TalentWorks page. This also includes links to additional external resources that may be helpful as you refine your eRecruiting processes.

We encourage you to submit additional resources that will improve the accessibility of your peers’ eRecruiting tools.  

TalentWorks General

eRecruiting and Accessibility

The ROI of Accessible eRecruiting

Buying Accessible eRecruiting Products

Model Procurement Language for ICT

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Employers and other entities covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title V of the Rehabilitation Act can add the following procurement language to contracts with product vendors to enhance the accessibility of purchased or licensed products. […]

Adopting an Accessibility Policy

Make Your eRecruiting Tools Accessible

Talent Sourcing

Accessible eRecruiting Using Social Media

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Accessible eRecruiting Using Social Media More and more employers are using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to advertise job postings and promote their companies, while job seekers are using them to network, learn about career opportunities, and apply for jobs online. But [...]

Using Plain Language to Enhance eRecruiting 

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Using Plain Language to Enhance eRecruiting Accessibility matters to people with all kinds of disabilities—not just those with vision and hearing impairments. That means individuals with intellectual and learning disabilities, cognitive issues, traumatic brain injuries, and other disabilities, all of which can make using [...]

Online Applications

Pre-Employment Testing