Watch the Highlights from “Building a Future That Works”

Learn from leading experts about how we can ensure emerging technologies are accessible to all in the workplace. Watch recordings from “Building a Future That Works,” a virtual celebration of the 75th annual NDEAM and the 30th anniversary of ADA hosted by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Watch the Video: “Building a Future That Works”

Technology can and should break barriers for people with disabilities in the workplace. Let’s ensure that the future of work is born accessible.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI holds tremendous workplace potential, but also risks related to privacy, ethics, and bias. Learn more about Artificial Intelligence.

Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

Accessible AVs could create equitable access to transportation and employment. Learn more about Autonomous Vehicles.

Extended Reality (XR)

XR is changing the way we interact with the world around us—and the future of work. Learn more about Extended Reality.

Digital Accessibility

Are your company’s virtual doors open to everyone? If the technology you use isn’t accessible, you could be missing out on top talent. Learn more about Digital Accessibility.

  • The Virtual Workplace: PEAT Priorities and Next Steps

    The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped the concept of the “workplace.” Many people have rapidly shifted to working remotely, though essential jobs do remain in-person. This recent change brings both opportunities and challenges, and they are heightened for people with disabilities (PWD) who can only engage virtually if their technology is accessible.

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  • The PEAT Team is Honored with Service to the Citizen: Champions of Change™ Award!

    On September 24, 2020, Dorris Consulting International’s Service to the Citizen: Champions of Change™ Awards program convened a virtual national award ceremony. This ceremony officially honored Michael Reardon, Dr. Scott Michael Robertson, and Nathan Cunningham of the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) for their work leading the PEAT initiative.

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  • AI for Good Shows Promise to Enhance Work Accessibility

    Rapid technological change and fresh thinking now fuel the development of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software applications in industries across America and other countries worldwide. These software applications could help to increase access to job opportunities in high-growth fields, mitigate systemic barriers, and foster inclusion.

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  • Infographic: The Autonomous Vehicles Ecosystem

    Accessible AVs could create equitable access to transportation and employment. Check out PEAT’s latest infographic to explore the roles and responsibilities that different entities hold in making this vision a reality.

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Future of Work Podcast

Accessibility Solutions For Employees

Picture of Mike Hess

Mike Hess, Founder and Executive Director of the Blind Institute of Technology, discusses the positive impact of accessibility solutions for both employees and employers.

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Staff Training Resources

Staff Training Resources

Find detailed guidance for training employees across your organization with the accessibility knowledge they need, specific to their role.

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The Accessibility Playbook for Emerging Technololgy Initiatives

The Accessibility Playbook for Emerging Technology Initiatives

The Accessibility Playbook for Emerging Technology Initiatives is a blueprint for anyone seeking to launch a successful initiative to drive the development of emerging technologies that are accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities.

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Explore PEAT’s Workplace Accessibility Toolkits

Staff Training

Find detailed guidance for training employees across your organization with the accessibility knowledge they need, specific to their role.  Learn more about our Staff Training Resources.


The online resource that helps employers and human resources (HR) professionals make their eRecruiting technologies accessible to all job seekers—including those with disabilities. Learn more about TalentWorks.


This procurement guide for employers and their purchasing staff helps ensure that the ICT you buy and implement works for as many people as possible. Learn more about Buy-IT!.

Policy Matters

Policy analysis and news regarding laws and regulations, court decisions, and government resources related to the accessibility of technology used in all aspects of employment. Learn more about Policy Matters.

Featured Resources

Woman in wheelchair working on computer

Model Procurement Language for ICT

Employers and others can add the following procurement language to contracts with product vendors to enhance the accessibility of purchased or licensed products.

Visually impaired woman talking on mobile phone

How is the Department of Justice (DOJ) Addressing Website and ICT Accessibility?

Explore 175 settlements addressing how the ADA applies to digital accessibility. Through these agreements, employers and other covered entities can understand DOJ priorities and how to proactively comply with existing rules and guidance.

A black man using a power wheelchair recording a podcast on his computer.

Checklist for an Accessible Virtual Meeting & Presentation

Use this checklist to make sure your virtual meetings and presentations are accessible.

About the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)

Our mission is to foster collaborations that make emerging technologies accessible. To support workplaces in using inclusive technologies that engage the skills of employees with disabilities. To build a future that works.

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