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National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)

My disability is one part of who I am. At work, it's what people can do that matters. Celebrating 70 years of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor

Held each October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is a national campaign that celebrates the talents and contributions of America's workers with disabilities and educates employers on ways to foster a flexible and inclusive workplace.

Of course, one key element of an inclusive workplace is the commitment to adopting accessible technology that can be used successfully by all employees and job seekers, including those with disabilities. In that spirit, PEAT is enthusiastically observing NDEAM and encouraging employers, technology providers and tech users to do the same. Read on to learn how you can take part in NDEAM—and carry its spirit forward all year long.

Voices of NDEAM: Accessible Technology

Share Your Story

In celebration of NDEAM, PEAT is seeking stories that demonstrate the power of accessible technology in fueling the employment success of people with disabilities. If you are an employee with a disability or an employer with experiences to share in this area, please submit a short personal statement below.

How has accessible technology helped you or your employees succeed on the job?

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Aaron T. Baier: 

"Technology used to be as helpful as it was isolating. Now, accessibility is a feature built into many mainstream devices. Because of this, I’ve grown in my job over the past 10 years and continue to expand and enhance my own capacity as well as strengthen the organization that I work for. Accessible technology allows me to manage a full-time job, part-time graduate degree program, and still maintain a happy personal life with my family."

How to Take Part in NDEAM

While NDEAM is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), its true spirit lies in grassroots activities and celebrations held in businesses and communities across the nation. Now is your chance to take part in NDEAM 2015 and use it as an opportunity to spotlight the importance of accessible workplace technology practices! Get started now:



PEAT to Host October 28 Twitter Chat on BYOD and Other Leading Accessible Tech Practices

twitter iconLooking for a way to learn, share best practices, and mark NDEAM from the comfort of your own computer? Just log on to Twitter on October 28 from 2:00 - 2:30 ET, when PEAT will be moderating a Twitter chat on leading accessible technology practices designed to help all workers and advance the employment of people with disabilities. #PEATtalks